4. Have a Sense of Humor

Just like flirting with a guy, a girl likes another girl that has a sense of humor. Truthfully, I couldn't be with my partner if she couldn't take my witty charm or my sarcasm. Lighten up and have a sense of humor, girls!

Have a Positive Attitude


Patricia Marie Gloria
The bible says divorce is a sin and that women should be stoned for it, but do we still stone women today ? no because it's cruel, Just like how people call homosexuality a "sin" do they deserve to be...
I loved reading these tips😄
SHOULDN'T care, I meant. Theo should mind his own business, I meant. Heh
First, I don't care about what you do or don't support, Theodore, just like you should care about what two strangers are doing with their own lives. Second - pleeeeease try and come up with a slightly...
@ChloΓ© Evelyn Lamb seriously I'm the same exact way!! It's horrible. Sorry I can't help much just wanted you to know you're not alone
sandy jones
Kaelsi Alexzandria
Great Advice
These tips are very helpful.
Tristan Alexis Harmon
Love this :)
Heather Jensen
Aww! Thank you! :)
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