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Attention class! Sit up straight and pay attention. Today’s lesson is on the matter of kissing. I wonder how many types of kisses you know?

1. French Kiss

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It might be the most famous type of kiss but it needs practice. The tongue is heavily in play but get it wrong and you could be swimming in saliva. Both mouths are open and the tongues dance together.

Single Lip Kiss


#3 isn't a butterfly kiss, it's conjunctivitis waiting to happen, lol. A butterfly kiss is eyelashes fluttering on the cheek.
Anyone else's guy refuse to French kiss?? My guy kisses me all the time. But closed lips only. Never once have I got a french kiss from him.
Isabella Coles
Naw I miss my man, he's out of the country but will be back tomorrow - missing all of this! Hmm
Mine too
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