7 Lessons Learned from Ex-boyfriends ...


Sure the relationship did not go on to the “altar” but admittedly, we can learn several lessons from our exes. Some of these lessons we learned the hard way either because we were too hard-headed to get out of the relationship or we were so in-love that we spent every waking hour of our existence thinking how we can seriously move on with the relationship. Here are seven lessons I learned from my ex-boyfriends and why I am thankful for them even when, at some point, my heart was broken:

1. Don’t Rush

While it is important to plan for the future and be clear about the relationship status, do not get stuck up on thinking about things such as matching T-shirts at your friend’s barbecue party or getting married because your biological clock is ticking. A lesson I learned from my ex: Do not rush. I repeat do not rush. Savor the moment of being boyfriend-girlfriend. Enjoy those moments because some of them won’t last forever.

Never Assume


I've learned to learn the tell tell sings in the first weeks of dating & not to ignore them!!
I learned to never settle for less.
Why wouldnt u go to the gym with your boyfriend just once in a while should b ok .
This article is full of stereotypes portraying women as manipulative neurotics. Please, not everyone's obsessive life goal is to "make it to the altar".
I learned to be yourself not another girl and behave confidently .
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