Let's Talk about the C Word Facts about the Clitoris ...


Let's Talk about the C Word   Facts about the Clitoris ...
Let's Talk about the C Word   Facts about the Clitoris ...

Have you ever realised that in all of the sex education that you were given both by your parents and at school, the clitoris is something that is never given full attention? Sometimes, it's never even mentioned. Because society, in general, is so concerned with the science of reproduction, the education system, in particular, tends to forget about the central point of pleasure that a woman gets! It’s sad to think that there might be grown women out there who still don’t know much about an important part of their own body. Here are some essential facts about the clitoris.

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Bigger than You Think

Your clitoris is definitely much bigger than you think it is! Most of it is actually hidden internally, with the average size being around four inches! The glans, which is the bit that you can usually see with a mirror, is usually only around 3mm wide and 5mm long.


Just like a Penis

The clitoris actually functions in the same way as a penis! When we are growing inside the womb, the tissue is exactly the same, it only starts to differ one way or the other after about 12 weeks. Both parts basically comprise of erectile tissue with a foreskin or clitoral hood.


Nerve Endings

The clitoris is the area that provides you with the most stimulation and pleasure because it contains approximately 8000 nerve endings. That makes it super sensitive to touch, and it is actually double the number of nerve endings that the penis has!


It Grows

Your clitoris is just like your nonce, it grows during puberty and it keeps on growing as you age further! Aside from the literal growth, there is no physical difference between the clitoris of a 25-year-old and the clitoris of an 80-year-old.



Apparently, the clitoris was ‘officially’ discovered in the 1500s by an Italian anatomist named Mateo Renaldo Colombo, although we’re can all be sure that the millions of women on earth since the beginning of time had discovered it long before that!


Pleasure Organ

The clitoris is the only organ in the human body that is specifically and exclusively designed to provide pleasure and nothing else. It doesn’t have any impact or significance in the reproduction process, but it can give you one hell of an orgasm!



Your clitoris can make you feel so good because its stimulation is linked with a big release of oxytocin in to your body. Oxytocin is essentially the number one ‘feel good’ hormone that there is, so the more you play, the happier you will be!



Your clitoris actually enlarges slightly during the time of the month when you are ovulating, supposedly as an attempt from your body to increase your capacity for sexual arousal and encourage you to have sex during the time when you are most likely to get pregnant!

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