7 Literary Inspired Dates Bookworms Will Love ...


Don't you wish that you could jump into your favorite novel? Well, you can make it feel like you have by going on unique dates inspired by your favorite books. While you won't be able to replicate the story completely, you'll still be able to have a great time with your partner while bonding over a great book. Here are some literary inspired dates bookworms will love:

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The Notebook

It's time to take a canoe ride with your man. Bring along a little picnic basket, so that you two can have a romantic meal in a secluded area. No one will be around to distract you, so you can spend time talking about how deep your love is. Bonus points if you dress like you're back in the 1940s.


Hunger Games

Think you have what it takes to be Katniss? There are plenty of archery ranges around the world, so do some research to see where the closest one is. If there aren't any nearby, you could always buy a plastic, children's archery set to play in your own backyard. It won't feel very intense, but it'll be a blast. Winner gets plenty of kisses.



Find a place to go ziplining or set up a zipline between trees in your yard. If you're terrified of heights, then now is the time to get over your fear. Hey, Four did it, so you can, too. Plus, studies show that the more adrenaline you feel, the more likely you'll want to have some frisky fun, so it's a great way to start off a date.


Gone Girl

While you definitely don't want your relationship to end up like Nick and Amy's marriage, you can still enjoy a good scavenger hunt. Create hints for your mate that relate to your relationship, and see how good he is at figuring them out. Just don't get mad at him if he fails. The date is meant to be fun, not a reason to start a fight.


The Fault in Our Stars

If you can't afford plane tickets to Amsterdam, you can settle for a date at the park. Sitting alone on the swings with the person you love can feel incredibly intimate. Just stay away from touchy topics like cancer and stick to discussing the complexity of the universe.


Maze Runner

You might have to wait until around Halloween time, but you should take your date to a corn maze. You can hold hands as you try to find your way around. If you want to be terrified like the kids in the novel, then there are plenty of places that set up haunted corn mazes, where people in costumes will jump out at you. It'll be a night you never forget.


Harry Potter

Instead of buying tickets to see a concert or watch a movie, try to find a magician. How much fun would it be to watch a rabbit disappear in front of your very own eyes? Of course, if the show stinks, you can always go back to your house and have a Harry Potter marathon. Whatever works.

Great books will make you feel like you're in another world. However, you can feel like you're actually living in those worlds by trying out these adorable date ideas. Who is your favorite couple that you've ever read about in a novel?

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I love this.

These are literary dates for YA, I think.

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