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Little Things No Man Can Resist for Girls Looking to Seduce Him ...

By Neecey

There are tiny little actions or movements that men inherently find sexy. Some you might do unconsciously, some you might do deliberately because you’ve learnt the effect they can have. There’s no need to use words to let a man know you find him attractive or that you’ve got designs in his body – whether you’re in a relationship or hopeful of one. Ready to learn a few tricks of the seduction trade?

1 When You Bite Your Lip

face, person, nose, black hair, brown hair, Lips are an incredibly sensuous part of the body, and for some reason, the sight of a woman gently biting her own lip can drive a guy totally wild! Try it and see!

2 The Smoother the Better

clothing, undergarment, fetish model, muscle, leg, Of course, you should be happy and comfortable in your own body, but there is no denying that the site of a smooth, sultry body can really get a guy’s juices flowing. Perhaps give your legs a little extra attention on your next shave!

3 Rock a ‘Strict’ Hairstyle

hair, face, person, woman, red, Maybe it’s because it harkens back to a time of school boys crushes on strict teachers, but there is something in the a ‘strict’ hair style that can turn a guy on. A posh updo will do the trick!

4 An Alternative Look

hair, face, black hair, blue, hairstyle, If strict isn’t your style, then go completely in the other direction and do something really unique and alternative to stand out. Why not dye your hair bright pink or neon blue!?

5 Wearing a Man’s Shirt

clothing, human positions, girl, beauty, fashion, There is something effortlessly sexy about a woman rocking a man’s loose shirt and cute underwear around the house. It will drive him crazy with lust and that shirt will be off your back in no time!

6 Perfect the over the Shoulder Glance

hair, human hair color, color, red, face, It’s a classic move in things like movies and music videos, and if you can perfect the sultry over the shoulder glance then you will be able to take your flirting to a whole other level.

7 Introduce Bare Shoulders to Your Wardrobe

hair, black and white, white, photography, monochrome photography, A style that has raced back in to popularity recently is items of clothing that show off your shoulders. An off-the-shoulder casual sweater or more formal dress will definitely go down a treat. A patch of bare skin just begging to be kissed …

8 Perfect Your Heels Walk

fashion, design, PURPLE, ROCK, VISIONS, We all like to think we are graceful creatures in 6-inch heels, but you really need to work on your heel walk if you want to make the kind of impact on a guy to make him want you immediately!

9 A Sexy Voice

hair, human hair color, blond, face, person, Some people are blessed with sexy voices, others have to settle for squeaky or whiney. Try your hardest to take a hold of your voice and control it in a way that appeals to him!

10 Nice Full Lips

human action, hair, face, nose, person, When it comes to lips, the thing you should be very much looking for is to apply your makeup in a way that makes them look as full and as kissable as possible! The perfect pout …

11 Be Elegant

woman, beauty, lady, model, portrait, There is a reason that all of those golden age movie actresses are still considered the most beautiful. They knew how to be elegant when the situation called for it!

12 Rock Some Great Leggings

muscle, blond, arm, leg, finger, When you are having a more casual day with him, wear a pair of good quality leggings that will work to emphasise your silhouette and get him really looking!

13 Emphasize Your Freckles

hair, human hair color, facial expression, face, nose, Didn’t you hear? Freckles are totally in! If you have these cute marks, then make the most of them to emphasize your unique beauty.

14 Go for Natural Makeup

human action, hair, person, photograph, woman, The current trend for makeup is go as natural as possible. This allows him to see the real you rather than a painted up version!

15 Wear Some Killer Glasses

eyewear, hair, glasses, face, vision care, If you wear glasses, go to the store and buy a new pair to change the look of your face completely. Go for something like a sexy teacher vibe along with the aforementioned sexy updo; he’ll really dig it!

16 Be Sincere with Your Laughter

person, singing, Guys don’t like to feel like that are being patronized, so don’t bring out a fake laugh just to fill silences. Be sincere rather than fake and he will really appreciate it.

17 Have Self Confidence

red, singing, There is nothing sexier than a woman who is truly confident in herself, both physically and emotionally. If you love yourself, he will have no choice but to follow suit!

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