2. The Smoother the Better

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Of course, you should be happy and comfortable in your own body, but there is no denying that the site of a smooth, sultry body can really get a guy’s juices flowing. Perhaps give your legs a little extra attention on your next shave!

Rock a β€˜Strict’ Hairstyle


Damn girl Is it really that serious? You always have comments that these in these types of posts. Let the woman experiment. Besides, half the shit she mentioned I do anyway
all you need to do is be yourself. Don't make a guy fall in love with an act cause it's wrong to yourself and to him
nailed that "shirt" point!Although unknowingly did that but it brought him on his toes.
And when I stopped trying so hard to get attention of guys with useless tips on how to attract a guy. I ended up in a relationship with an amazing guy who loves me for me and tells me he loves my personality and I'm so different than others.
Someone who loves you wouldnt want you to change to please them. Girls don't waste your time on this bullishit of "trying to impress guys" cause it's trying to much. Been there done that just be you and that
Or not change anything about you for a fuckboy and be a dazzling queen on your own
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