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7 Little Tips for Staying Hopeful about Love and Relationships ...

By Holly

If your past relationships have made you pessimistic, there are tips for staying hopeful about love. You don't want to run away from any chance at happiness with a mate because you had bad experiences in the past. You need to look forward, and forget about what's behind you. Here are some simple tips for staying hopeful about love and relationships:

Table of contents:

  1. Unpredictable possibilities
  2. Every guy is different
  3. You're different
  4. Excellent examples
  5. Enjoy the moment
  6. It takes time
  7. Why you want it

1 Unpredictable Possibilities

Think about how different your life was last year. Things can change in an instant, so by this time next year, you might be engaged to the love of your life. You never know what could happen in the future, so you should stay positive. Sure, bad things can and will happen, but so will good things. One of the biggest tips for staying hopeful is remembering how quickly your luck can change.

2 Every Guy is Different

You may have been cheated on by your boyfriend. You may have been hurt physically or emotionally. However, no matter what a man has done to you, you have to remember that not all guys are the same. Don't let all of the mean things your ex did negatively impact your relationship with a new boyfriend. They're not the same person.

3 You're Different

If you think that you're the same as you were ten years ago, you're mistaken. You might be similar to the person you used to be, but we all change by the day. You're not the same person you used to be, so you'll no longer settle for the horrible things the old you would settle for. You've grown, so your current or future relationship is bound to be better than the past ones.

4 Excellent Examples

Instead of looking at all of the failed couples around you, focus on the healthy ones. If you don't know any couples that are deeply in love, then look to the media, or even to fictional couples. Even though the characters are not real, they're based off of real people, and can help you remain positive.

5 Enjoy the Moment

You shouldn't dwell on how long your relationship is going to last. You might be with your partner for three years or thirty, but does it really matter? You should appreciate the present. Live in the moment, and the future will stop scaring you.

6 It Takes Time

You can't get a job without filling out a resume, sending it in, and going on an interview. You can't get a degree without going to classes, passing tests, and writing essays. Everything good in life requires a bit of work and a lot of time. In order to stay hopeful about finding love, remember that it can take a while for relationships to form. You might not meet your future hubby tomorrow, so be patient.

7 Why You Want It

Think about why you want to be in a relationship. List all of the good things that being part of a couple can entail. Once you figure out why you believe love is so special, you'll think about the topic with a smile.

Your heart may get broken a dozen times before you find the right person for you. You have to believe that the wait and the struggle are worth it. Are you positive or negative when it comes to love and relationships?

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