7. Get Some Help from Your Pet

Get Some Help from Your Pet

If your partner is a dog lover or a cat lover, you can try saying I’m sorry with the help of their beloved pet. Here is another fun way to apologize: “Write a cute apology note, tie it to your cat/dog’s collar & send them into the room towards your sweetie.

If you have a disobedient pet, take a photo and send it to them instead”. This will definitely work for me.

Sometimes it can be really hard to say I’m sorry, especially if your partner is very upset by something you did. Still, there are a couple of fun and simple ways to say I’m sorry that work every single time and I only mentioned a few of them in this little article. Do you know any other ways to say I’m sorry to your better half? Do tell!




What kind of person does that? "I'm sorry baby, let me give away out money to charity!" Nooooo onnnnnne....
Kris Buen
The apology ticket is a creative way to ease up whatever tension u have from your other half. Smart. And the pug looks so cute!
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