7 Cutest 😍 Places to Kiss 💋 That Will ✌🏼 Ramp up the Romance 💖 ...

When you choose the right locations to kiss, you'll feel like you're in a romance film. While finding the right person is the most important thing, the location where you choose to lock lips can play a huge roll in how amazing the intimate interaction is. If you've always dreamed of being an actress, or of having a fairytale moment, then you should try visiting these romantic locations to kiss:

1. Train Station or Airport

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If you're about to leave on a plane to another country, or even take a train across town, kiss your mate goodbye like you'll never see them again. Train stations and airports are the best locations to kiss, because they remind you that you have to spend time apart from your mate. You might as well make your time together count by giving them a smooch to remember.

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