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Love Advice is important for every type of relationship ladies! When my mom and giving away all of the secrets of success and her love advice on how she kept her marriage alive for 30+ years, she let me know that books, reading and constantly having an open mind is the way to succeed. I've actually taken that to heart and that's why I've come up with 8 ways that you can truly drive your man wild and how you can keep your relationship hot and steamy! After all ladies, who doesn't love a little love advice that ends in sex?

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Leave Sexy Notes

Communication is always the secret weapon and the best way to let your spouse know that you're thinking about him. So why not leave him a sexy note on his desk? Or maybe even tucked away into his lunch? It's a sweet and hot little surprise and a way to keep him interested!


Passionate Kisses

When you've been with your spouse for a while, you probably forget about the passion. Ladies, passion is what gets you through the good and the bad. That's why giving your man a passionate kiss once a day or even a few times a day is absolutely worth it and will make you relationship that much better. I swear, I use this love advice tip everyday!


Learn New Sexual Moves

There is a way that sex can get old and stale. You never want that to happen, so why not open up your mind a little and learn some new sexy moves or even try a new position? I promise, it'll make all of the difference and it's definitely a fun love advice tip to practice!


Play Hard to Get

Although trying new moves in sex is fantastic and one of the love advice tips that you should follow, playing hard to get is another one! It's a great little game that you can play with your spouse and truthfully, it's a n awesome way to keep things really interesting and fun. So ladies, get a game of hard to get going, it's so much fun!


Thong Panties

When you've been with someone for a really long time, your panties seem to just end up being plain and nude right? Well ladies, why not spice it up a little bit and throw in a thong? Your boy will absolutely appreciate the change!


Make out

Remember the passionate kissing love advice tip? Well ladies, making out goes hand-in-hand with it. Making out with your spouse is a great way to show him that you love him and a sexy way to prove that you want to keep things hot.


Initiate Sex

Most of the time, guys are the ones that initiate the sex. Well ladies, why don't you try to do it? That way, he'll know you're in the mood and he may even be surprise that you're the one that is initiating the sex!


Whisper What You Want

And during that sex, why not whisper into his ear exactly what you want? Tell him how to grab and touch you. I promise that he'll appreciate the tips and who knows, maybe he'll even remember some of those wants!

Learning to use some of these love advice tips and incorporating them into your relationship can only help ladies. I know that I've taken a lot of these love advice tips into my relationship and it changed it completely! So ladies, what types of love tips do you have to share?

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All of this Is so true

Another approach can also be sexy text messages. People send a lot of text messages each day so why not make the most of this technology when it comes to matters of the heart?

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