7 Love Games Men Play with Women ...


There are plenty of love games men play with women that can really mess with our heads aren't there? Whether they are trying to be macho, they are not calling or they are just 'pretending' to care about you, love games men play are mean and can actually lead to a lot of heartache. If you're thinking that your man is playing a love game, take a look below and see if it is true!

1. Macho Impression

One of the love games men play that seem to always come out in the end is the macho game. Does your guy puff up his chest and act like he is completely fearless and that he's Mr. Macho? Truthfully, most guys are not super manly. While they may be into sports and may seem like nothing girly would ever affect them, if you asked your guy to put on makeup and dance around, most likely he would – if he loves you.

The Good Enough Now


Heather Jensen
Hi Rachel! It sounds like he is actually stringing you along. I think that it is time for you to cut it off with him and find someone that can act like he loves you always, not just in text messages. :)
Heather Jensen
Hi Charlie! There isn't a way that you can get your heart and head on the same page -- it's so hard. I'd say that you should take your time, make sure that are completely over him before you attempt to trust someone else that much.
Rachel Hatcher
There's this guy named Aaron, sweetest and funniest guy in the world! He likes me and I like him back. A lot. But according to this article, he's stringing me along. He tells me he loves me and I say ...
Charlie Berthelot Androne
I was In a relationship for the last five months with a guy who said he wanted to be with me but wasn't ready for a relationship.. I thought things were getting better until my ex pointed out the guys...
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