22. ... Not Worrying about Letting Him See You Naked

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... Breakfast in Bed


Smiling and Thinking of my boyfriend when I read this 😊
Strangely I've never been in love but I kinda feel I know what exactly is love - it's Life when you are in it and it's in the form of hope when you aren't !! 😊
Sam The Irresistable
Love is having a make up passionate and rough sex after a fight.
I kinda like one guy, and I've noticed that he likes me too. BUT, he's in relationship and I'm in relationship for 4 years. I'm have dilemma. Really don't know what to do. I think my relationship beca...
Love is, His Smile even if it is not with me.
Dream Adventures
Love is when BAE can't go a day without you. πŸ‘«πŸ’πŸ’‘
Chloe Mcsorley
Love is good but can sometimes be bad. Love controls your life and the decisions you make, sometimes those decisions can be wrong and can mess you life up but sometimes love can complete that missing ...
Love is playing FIFA together, cuddling and kissing, hockey pocket and and sticking by in the best and worst , love is a blessing and a curse, but more a blessing ❀️
Medina Santana
How do you know what love is , if you have never experienced it
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