7 Love Lessons from Penguins ...

Okay, so if you think about it, the idea of taking love lessons from penguins might seem a little crazy. It seems humans and penguins have much more in common than you might expect, though; the Chinstrap, Emperor, Adelie and Gentoo types specifically. Here’s the top love lessons from penguins you should learn from our favorite Antarctica species!

1. Communication is Key…

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You could fill a whole library with books on how to communicate, but the facts are simple. Penguins talk and chatter to each other all the time, just like humans. And through talking about things -- everything from the football scores to what to have for tea to the more serious things -- they keep close. Communication is at the heart of every good relationship. Keep it alive, and it’ll keep your relationship alive. It’s one of the absolute best love lessons from penguins!

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