Love Makeup? Wait Till You Learn How Wearing It Affects Your Relationship with Your Guy ...


If you’re passionate about makeup then this article will be interesting to you. Wearing makeup affects your relationship with your guy in ways you never imagined. There are both positive and negative ways your relationship could be affected. Let’s talk about 7 of them.

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He Appreciates Your Efforts

Your guy probably appreciates the effort you put in to look your best for him. Most women wear makeup because it makes them feel attractive and not entirely for the purpose of looking good for their guy. But it’s nice to know he appreciates that you make an effort to look your best. He may not share this but it’s very likely. Most guys are proud of any effort his girl makes to look her best, whether it’s by wearing makeup or another way.


He Doesn’t like when Your Lipstick Comes off

You don’t have to talk to a guy long about makeup before this topic comes up. While he may love how lipstick looks on you, he probably doesn’t want it on him. The taste or texture of it may be part of why he doesn’t like it, too. You can solve this issue by blotting it before he kisses you. This also helps it stay in place on you.


He May Resent the Cost of It

If you’re sharing a checkbook and your makeup addiction is a little out of control then that could be an issue for him. Most guys have no problem with their girlfriend or wife buying whatever she wishes to look and feel her best unless it becomes excessive. This can be a sensitive issue. Of course, if you’re contributing to the account then that has to be considered, too. To sum it up, if rent is late, you may want to hold off on the Sephora order until pay day.


He May Think It Takes Too Long to Apply

While he loves how you look, he may not love how long it takes to look that way. This is usually true if he’s the kind of guy that’s always in a hurry. In this situation, it can help to explain how much time you need to get ready. Then it won’t be a surprise to him. He can adjust if he knows what to expect.


He Could Be Amazed by the Process

Your guy may be curious or amazed by your makeup application. He may even enjoy watching you apply it. This can be amusing to you. It’s a part of being a girl that he doesn’t have any knowledge of so it’s reasonable that he might be curious. It can be kind of fun to amaze him with your makeup tricks.


He Doesn’t Care if You Wear It

Although your guy appreciates that you make an effort to look your best by wearing makeup or other means, it probably isn’t as big of a deal as you think. When a guy really cares for you, he won’t mind seeing you without your makeup. He loves you and thinks you’re gorgeous either way. In fact, he may have even told you this. You can trust that he’s being truthful if he says this.


He Sees past Mascara Trails

You may worry about how your makeup looks if you cry in front of your guy. But he couldn’t care less. When you’re with a good man, he cares more about the cause of your tears than the damage they do to your makeup. He probably doesn’t even care if your makeup ends up on him from hugging you when you cry. If your guy is both caring and comforting when you’re upset, you’ve got a keeper.

These are 7 ways that wearing makeup can affect your relationship. Which ones do you think are true of your guy? Share your thoughts.

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I do my make up for me...sometimes for him..this could lead to a discussion and maybe you can get ideas of what your bf or husband finds extra attractive ...imagine surprising him with his fav look every once in awhile

Obviously your the bitch Kenya. My point was, just because they don't like it on you that doesn't mean you have to stop wearing it. But at the same time, they are allowed to dislike it, and as long as they don't try to keep you from wearing it and don't constantly insult you for it, then he's allowed to continue to feel this way. But this article never said that you had to stop wearing it because he didn't like it, people are just searching for an excuse to be man haters

He's just going to have to be a big boy and understand that I wear make up because I LIKE wearing make up not to please anyone else

They never said you shouldn't wear it because he doesn't like it, believe it or not, men have a right to have and state their opinion

oh man aNOTHER HUMAN BEING DOESNT APPRECIATE WHAT I WANT TO WEAR??? OH WHATEVER SHALL I DO? last time I checked, makeup is for /me/ to wear


I think that if a woman enjoys the art of make-up then the man she chooses should support that. If not, then he should seek another partner. I do not agree with this article.

Open my eyes to what exactly? I understand that everyone is allowed to have their own opinions, they're all just being closed minded. So no, it didn't all "fly over my head."

Cassieculbreth chill the fuck out. Everyone has their own opinions. Be the bigger person and respect others beliefs. Smh

Just thought I'd open your eyes a bit but I believe that all flew over your head

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