Love Resolutions You Owe Yourself to Make and Keep ...


Love Resolutions You Owe Yourself to Make and Keep ...
Love Resolutions You Owe Yourself to Make and Keep ...

Want some love resolutions to make and keep? When you start to think about making resolutions, one of the most common themes that arise in many people’s lives is romance. You might want to completely overhaul the way that your love life has been going of late, but the problem is that resolutions that are made at the turn of the year hardly ever get followed through, mainly because you end making too many of them and for lots of different areas of life! It might be almost summer now, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be striving to institute some healthy and productive habits into your romantic life. Here are some love resolutions to make and keep.

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Overhaul Vetting Process

One of the most effective ways to start making a difference in the quality of guys that you go out with is to overhaul your vetting process! Perhaps your standards up to this point have been too low, and has resulted in you wasting time with a bunch of bums? Don’t be afraid to ask a few important questions before you commit to a date. Where do they work? What mutual friends do you have? What has their history been like? Don’t be afraid to get to the nitty gritty because this is one of the most important love resolutions to make and keep.


Stop Ghosting

I hear you, sometimes it is just easier to completely ignore a date gone wrong that face up to them and let them down in person, but you really need to stop with this ghosting habit! Think about it this way - you should treat all of your romantic moments the way that you would like to be treated by them, and nobody in the world wants to be ghosted! Be mature about it and make sure that you convey the end of the interaction properly, don’t just disappear.


Ask for More

Life is too short to waste time in a burgeoning relationship where you aren’t necessarily getting what you want. If this thing is going to work out in the long run, then he needs to know exactly what it is you are after. Throw him a bone and point him in the right direction because chances are that he is probably desperate for a sign from you!


No Nicknames

It might be fun to give a new love interest a silly nickname when you are amongst friends, but this can become something of a problem if the relationship gets serious and your pals are still referring to him as ‘mushroom penis’! Try to be more mature and discreet and then there is no chance that feelings will get hurt further down the line.


More Orgasms

This last one is just for you! You should make a resolution to have as many orgasms as humanly possible over the next year! Whether with a partner or without, you deserve to feel good and feel fulfilled, so don’t be afraid to invest a super duper toy, and don’t be afraid to give some pointers to a boyfriend who just isn’t hitting the spot quite right!

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