7 Love Songs to Listen to for 2013 ...


7 Love Songs to Listen to for 2013 ...
7 Love Songs to Listen to for 2013 ...

Now that it's a brand new year, we've got to come up with the top 7 love songs for 2013! I love all kinds of love songs, but this list is pretty amazing and the songs on here? Pretty awesome! These are just my favorite love songs for 2013, but I'm sure that you have some too, so why not share some of your favorites in the comments below!

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I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons


I love Mumford & Sons and while I didn't know that they had been around for a while, when this song came out? I was hooked! Now, I know so many of their other songs, but this is still one of my favorite love songs for 2013! If you've never, ever heard it, hear it now and let me know exactly how much you love it!


Little Things by One Direction


This song is so, so sweet! Now, I was (and totally still am) a fan of all boy bands, but this one? Oh man, they are amazing and this song is so innocent! It's all about the fact that he loves his girlfriend, no matter what and all of her little, tiny flaws and things that she doesn't think that are perfect at all. I love this song and I think more guys should be like this!


Same Love by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis


Okay, so this song is my ultimate love song. It is not a traditional love song that makes you think about your boyfriend or girlfriend, it's all about the same love, no matter who and what gender you love. I love, love, love this song. Actually, it's one of my favorite songs to date. It's so accepting, so beautiful, so well-put and – the words? They bring tears to my eyes every single time I listen to it. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis? Good job. Well done. The video is super well done too. Love everything about the message that this song has in it.


Want U Back by Cher Lloyd


Sometimes, you can't get someone out of your head, even if they've moved on, you still can't get them out of your head, right? That's exactly what this love song is all about! It's about expressing your feelings in the best possible way – musically!


One and Only by Adele


I actually love this amazing song and Adele's voice? It's incredible! Not only does she really express every single one of her feelings but she does it in the most amazing way! Truthfully, I love everything about this song – and about Adele!


All I Want by Kodaline


Oh this song. It's so incredible, so meaningful and it's almost like a wedding song to me! I never, ever listened to this song before a few weeks ago but when I heard it, I instantly became addicted! Want to listen to a true love song? This is it! Give it a listen!


Sweet Nothing by Calvin Harris


Finally, the last song that we're going to talk about is Calvin Harris! This song is all about feelings, all about love and all about emotions. It's jammed packed with every emotion that I feel for my girlfriend and I love it!

So, these are just a few love songs that I love, do you have a few more that you want to share? What are some of your top love songs for 2013?

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I love that Calvin Harris song!

"Still Into You" by Paramore. It's on their new album which came out earlier this month. Super sweet and catchy!

We have such the same like in genres! I absolutely adore Same Love & Sweet Nothing!!

Little things!!! Hell yeah.

And fall~Justin bieber (it's the sweetest song ever)

I agree with everyone of these!

Oh how I absolutely adore Mumford & Sons...

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