9 Love Songs to Listen to when You Are in a Fight ...

Listening to love songs when you are in a fight is the best way to soothe your emotions! If you are in a fight with your boyfriend and are looking for the perfect love songs to listen to, I've got the list! I've got all of the songs that you can listen to when you are feeling down, when you are hurting from a fight and songs that can perk you right up! So girls, you ready to explore my top love songs to listen to when you and your boyfriend are bickering?

1. Jake Bugg- Broken

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This song was generously shared by one of our lovely readers. Thank you niamhfarrell99@yahoo.co.uk.

When fighting with your boyfriend this is the perfect song to listen to. It is about finally breaking down but still loving your partner. "Still my heart beats for you".

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