2. The Status Matters

Believe it or not, we are actually in a technology age and the status of your relationship actually matters. After all, you wouldn't want your boyfriend in a relationship with an ex on Facebook right? The status matters and if you are stating single on Facebook, why be in a relationship? What are you looking for?

Delete Photos of Old Partners


Heather, I appreciate your honesty and pointers about this, sometimes delicate, situation. Being a facebook novice myself, I can use all the help I get. :) Thank you and have a great day!
Heather Jensen
Aww! That is adorable! :) My girl and I do post on eachothers walls, but it's just a habit of ours.
Andrea Pastor
My boyfriend and I never posted in our walls, one day I said to him to post something sweet and he told me: I don't need it , I can say to sweet thing face to face that's all
@Heather Jensen, good point! Different things work well for different people. My boyfriend and I are just both more private people, but not everyone is :)
Heather Jensen
Hi Kate! I do agree that there is a limit and you really have to find out what works in your relationship. Truthfully, my girlfriend and I are constantly on each other's wall -- and tagging pictures...
Don't agree with all of these, my boyfriend and I are tagged in a lot of pictures together, but we aren't always writing on each others walls! Sometimes it seems like couples who do that have to prove...
Memory Casillas
Like this.
Clau Garza
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