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Love Tug of War ...

By Kennisha

Ever been in a love tug of war? We all have, at one point or another in our lives, been in an extremely unhealthy relationship with a trifling man we loved so much. We knew that the guy was absolutely no good because his actions showed so over and over again. Yet, we still remained with him despite all the agony he caused and allowed him to come and go as he pleased.

I wrote this poem called Love Tug of War based on my personal experience of being in a relationship where the guy would hurt me, apologize, hurt me again, lie, apologize, you get the point. I would take him back each time because I would hope and say to myself "this time will be different", though it never was. I finally woke the hell up and detached myself from the guy's toxicity. If you are currently dealing with someone similar, I hope you find the strength to detach yourself too.

Love Tug of War

She constantly wonders why she can't let him go.
Each time he hurts her again, the pain stings deeper than before.
She knows she's letting her emotions overpower her intelligence.
Which is something one should never do.
But it's so incredibly hard for her not to.
She loves him deeply and sees the potential of what they could be.
It's the potential that keeps her hope alive that one day he'll make her visions of them a reality.

It's also that same potential that clouds the bitter truth of their present actuality.
All she wants is his commitment to her.
To be his only one.
Delightfully leaving in the past all the wrongful things he's done.
One part of her fears she'll regret her decisions of giving him chance after chance.

While the other part of her is praying they're meant to be, which is why he keeps coming back.
She's tired of crying but yet wants to keep trying.
The daily strenuous battle of heart vs. mind keeps her curled up in her conflicted feelings all the time.
Eventually, though, she must realize that she alone is the key.
The key to be free from her love's agony.

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