7 Low-Key Ways to Let Him Know You're Single ...

When you like a guy, you'll need to find out if he's single. Once you do, it's just as important for you to let him know that you're available, as well. That way, he'll know that you won't mind if he makes a move--it might even encourage him to go ahead and get on with it. If you're crushing on a certain someone, here are a few low-key ways to let him know you're single:

1. Post a “single Girls Night” Picture on Instagram

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If you follow him on Instagram, then he'll probably follow you right back. After that's done, go out with your friends and take a sexy group picture. Post it with a caption about how you're all single ladies having fun. That way, when he sees it, it'll be clear that you're unattached. Plus, it never hurts for him to see a gorgeous picture of you.

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