8 Magnificent Love Tips for a Cancer ...


8 Magnificent Love Tips for a Cancer ...
8 Magnificent Love Tips for a Cancer ...

I've always been fascinated with the sign Cancer and what love tips for a Cancer are out there. Did you know that Cancers are prone to mood swings? Did you know that they need to feel super secure in their relationship and life? These are just a few of the love tips for a Cancer that everyone should follow!

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Prone to Mood Swings

Cancers are one of the biggest signs for mood swings. They can be up and then they can be down, but that's the best part about them! Girls and boys, one of my very first love tips for a Cancer all revolves around being there for their mood swings. You've got to be there for the ups and downs. You've got to be there when they switch their mood and decide that they hate then love you again.


No Casual Affairs

What goes hand-in-hand with the mood swings is the fact that Cancers can't have casual affairs. It is makes them feel out of control and a bit less secure. They want a relationship that is stable, a relationship that is worth it.


Intensely Loyal

Cancers are also extremely loyal. In fact, this is one of the most loyal signs out there. They may wait a while to find their soul mate, but once they do, they don't ever want to let that person go. They know that if they settle for someone that isn't for them, their insecurities will get the better of them.


Tons of Imagination

Cancers are known to be super curious and to have a ton of imagination. If you're looking for a kid at heart, at someone that is always going to have fun, that's exactly what this sign is all about! A date should include a bunch of fun activities and have a lot of imagination to it!


Very Emotional

While a Cancer might be prone to mood swings, you've also got to know that they are super emotional too. They feel really deeply and they fall in love really deeply too. So if you are lucky enough to get a Cancer to love you, it'll last forever and they will become attached. Remember though, you've got to be able to deal with the mood swings to really get to the heart of this sign.


Needs to Feel Secure

A Cancer has a lot of insecurities, so they need to really feel secure in their relationship. They want to feel as though they are being taken care of. They need someone that is willing to give them the world and be able to make sure that their world doesn't fall in on itself. It's a tough job, but it's so worth it!


Natural Lovers

Cancers are actually natural lovers and good ones! Although they are emotional, they can channel those emotions in the best possible way, especially behind closed doors. If you want a good lover, not a fight, the Cancer is the best sign for you! All they want to do is take care of you!


Hard Exterior

Finally, Cancers are people that have a stubborn and rough exterior, but their insides are super soft and gooey. You've just got to break through the shell, that's all. Take your time, get to know the Cancer, they will come around. It might take a while, but just keep at it!

So, these are all of my love tips for a Cancer, do you have any others that you want to share? What other traits does the Cancer have? Give 'em up!

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hey heather...what if you want to attract a cancer guy...?

Thank you :)

Woah. No casual affairs, and the need to feel cared for? As a cancer, I love alone time, and continually going from one deep relationship to another is tiring; Funtime is needed

Oh what I'm an aries not a cancer the dude I was talking bout was an cancer lol sorry I need tips on him

I am a cancer as well and can relate to most but not all. After reading this I feel like I know masks more now. If only I had found it months before for my now ex, we would've gotten along better...I think lol

I was so looking forward reading all about my self and fellow cancers!! :)

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