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I’m not a morning person at all. So mornings around my house can be rushed and a tad groggy from time to time. My husband isn’t wild about mornings either! So we learned that there are a few ways we can boost each other along in the mornings and make things go smoother for each other! Here is what works for us.

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Let Your Partner Sleep in While You Take Care of Everything

We can all benefit from a little extra sleep, right? Tell your honey to hit that snooze button and you will let the dog out, fix the kids breakfast, take the first shift in the shower, or whatever else needs doing around your house in the mornings! It’s a nice treat to get those few extra minutes in bed, even if it’s just lying there checking your newsfeed on social media. Great way to make your mate’s morning start out much easier!


Bring a Morning Beverage and Treat of Choice to the Bedside

Whether your partner likes coffee or juice in the morning, get up a few minutes before they do and fix a mini breakfast in bed! It’s a sweet gesture and jumpstarting your day with a good breakfast has benefits all around. Plus, it’s an excuse to spend an extra minute snuggling in bed together and waking up!


Pitch in the Night before and Help with Lunch Prep and Tidying up

I don’t know about you, but sometimes my evenings can be hectic and busy. Between prepping lunches, bags, and outfits for the next day, there is also homework to collect, baths to give, and of course tidying up so the house stays somewhat presentable. Pitching in to help your sweetie with this task can be a huge load off and it really helps make mornings go much smoother.


Hide an Encouraging Note Somewhere to Be Discovered Throughout the Day

While your lover is in the shower, hide a sweet note somewhere like a pants pocket or a briefcase/purse. It’s a lovely surprise to uncover later in the day and may brighten a rough work/school day!


Offer to do a Dreaded Errand or Chore Later That Evening

Maybe you know your man is dreading mowing the lawn after work, or maybe you know your wife really doesn’t want to pick up groceries after class. Step up and offer to handle it and take a little stress off. You’d be surprised at how much easier this can make your sweetheart’s morning go when they aren’t stressing or dreading what needs to be done later.


Make Dinner Plans and Mention You’ve Got It under Control

Casually telling your babe that you’ll handle dinner may win you the spouse award of the year! Whether you order takeout, throw something in the crockpot, or grill steaks, your meal is guaranteed to be a success because it’s one that you surprised your sweetheart with!


Have a Positive Attitude and Say Encouraging and Cheerful Things

Nothing drags a morning down like having a grumpy, grouchy attitude. Except maybe when those around you also have a grumpy disposition! Try to have a positive, cheerful attitude and keep the mood bright.

I hope these tips for making your mate’s morning go easier will give you some great ideas to try this week! These are a few of the things that my husband and I do for each other from time to time and I can tell you that just a little effort goes a long way! Is there anything special that you and your lover do for each other in the mornings to jumpstart a good day? Please share in the comments below!

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Great ideas!! My bf and I aren't morning people either, but I'm the one who wakes up grumpy and annoyed!

Hmm ... Perfect ! I am kind of anxious that the list can expect to be unsized going forward. My significant half have agreed to enjoy the fun between us every alternate days.

This is so cute. Definitely doing this for my fiancé :)

My man makes me breakkies in the morning and long may in reign

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