Check Here for the Pros and Cons of Getting Back Together ...


Breakups are difficult for everyone. They’re one of the worst things that we go through in our lives and if it’s a relationship that we’ve invested a lot of time in (potentially years of our lives) as well as an awful lot of emotion and love, it can be utterly soul-destroying. And if a little while after, there’s the option of making up, it can be a very confusing time and it’s often difficult to know what to do for the best. Maybe you still love them but you’re worried it’s only going to go wrong again, or maybe you’re just feeling very lonely. All in all, you have three options: getting back together, staying friends, or going your separate ways altogether. Let’s examine the pros and cons of making up after breaking up.

1. Getting Back Together

The pros

You still love them and miss them, so getting back together will definitely make you feel a bit better for a while. There’s also the advantage that you already know them well, so there’s no awkwardness to go through, no first time meeting the family, or anything like that (assuming you were together for a fair amount of time in the first place). If you lived together then it means that all those worries about splitting possessions, who gets the dog / cat / rabbit / snake etc. are gone.

The cons

Why didn’t work the first time? If it was your partner’s fault, have they really changed? Or if it was something you did, can you be sure you won’t do it again? If it’s a little more complex then it’s even worse, because there are probably many things wrong on many different levels. Then there’s also the question of whether you can get over the breakup and whatever caused it; if they broke up with you, you might not be able to trust them again and will doubt if they really want to be with you.

Staying Friends