Manhood - What It Means 💬 to Be a Man 🧔 ...


If you look at women like Katharine McPhee, they are engaging and dating men twice their age instead of boys who are perverted in their sexual desires to view women as only such. Men who actually look at them; not just for who they are on the outside, but all of who they are. Intimately loving them, as a whole, not what they feel that they can get from them, themselves.

It's interesting when you dive within the word manhood itself, you will find the phrase, "sexual potency"; society indwells within the word and guys alike, almost uplifting as if sex is the foundation of manhood. Without sex, how could you ever be a man?

But would the same people that they want to be intimate with, feel the same about these guys sexual potency? The word intimate was used as intimacy is what a lot of women look for, and intimacy isn't just what manhood defines within it... and a lot of the times a lot more. Various sections reside within the word.

Let us count the ways:

1. Emotional

To love beyond the physical realm; to love someone for who all they are. To know it's them you love, not parts of them. When you see them smile, your heart smiles. When you see them sad, your heart saddens. The emotionalness of you connects with the emotionalness of them

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