7 "Mean Girl" 🙄 Traits That Will Chase Boys Away 👎🏼 ...

You never want to be considered a mean girl, especially by the guy you're interested in dating. If he thinks you're a jerk, then he's not going to stick around for long. In fact, he might ignore you whenever he sees you. That means he'll never be your boyfriend. If you're worried about chasing him away, here are a few "mean girl" traits that you don't want to have:

1. Being Bossy

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There's a difference between taking the lead and being bossy. If you're working on a group project, everyone will appreciate it if you break down the assignment and give each person something to do. However, they won't appreciate it if you refuse to listen to anyone else's opinions and force others to do as you say. No one likes being bossed around, especially boys.

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