Memorable Moments with Your Partner That Are Hotter 🔥 than Sex 🛏 ...

Being in a relationship 💏 is not just about sex, it's about so much more. If it was just about sex, people 🚻 wouldn't be in relationships or love, they would be in lust. What I'm getting at is while sex is part of a relationship, a huge part, there are other memorable moments that are part of a relationship 👭 too. These are the glue moments that hold 📞 it all together 👫 when things are falling 📉 apart.

1. Your First 1️⃣ Kiss

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I remember the moment that I kissed my wife for the first time 🕦 and I loved ❤️ it. It isn't about the sex all the time 📅 for us and the first 1️⃣ kiss, every kiss 💏 afterward, sometimes, that really, truly is the glue that holds our marriage 👰 together.

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