8 Mind-Blowing Love Tips for a Sagittarius ...

As I'm making my way through all of the love tips for the signs, I can't forget about love tips for a Sagittarius! This sign is so important and honestly, if you are a Sagittarius, you are a fun and active person! If you're looking for some love tips for a Sagittarius to discover how you can be in a relationship with this particular sign or if you are a Sag and are looking for a relationship, these tips will help!

1. Active Dates

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A lot of the love tips for a Sagittarius all revolve around being active and being in motion. This particular sign likes action and they don't like to sit still. A first date should also be something super active. After all, the Sagittarius is an Archer, so of course something that will keep them up physically is a great idea!

2. Sudden Change of Plans

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Sagittarians are known to switch their plans and their minds a whole lot, so you've got to be ready for that. Sagittarians, you have to be with someone that is open to switching plans and someone that is willing to wing it a bit. You'll never be able to mix and mingle with someone that is super grounded, because you aren't super grounded -- unless you compromise, of course!

3. Explorers

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A Sagittarius is an explorer. They like to travel a whole lot and they are definitely knowledge seekers. They like to learn and they like to have a lot of adventures in their life. They believe that you should be curious about everything and you should want to explore everything. It's a natural trait!

4. Enthusiastic Lovers

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Because a Sagittarius is a very passionate sign and they are explorers, that reaches to the bedroom too. They are very, very enthusiastic lovers. They love to love and they love to share it. They like to have sex all over too – not just limit it to the bedroom!

5. They like Colors

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A colorful person is someone that a Sagittarius is attracted to. Bright colors and even just a pop of color is something that they really love. So if you're looking to attract a Sagittarius, wear something that pops and really let your personality shine and shimmer!

6. Keep It Positive & Light

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Sagittarians don't like to be brought down. They like to surround themselves in positive light and they don't like things to be too heavy. This means that if you're going to be with this particular sign, keep it light and positive! Nothing too heavy and nothing that will bring them down!

7. Don't Complain

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Oh, Sagittarians hate to hear any complaining. Remember, they like it positive and they like it light. Complaining brings them back down to Earth and can really put a damper on their mood. If you've got to complain, keep it light – unless of course you have known each other for a while, then complaining is going to happen.

8. Be Curious

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Finally, let your curious side come out! This is where you can really show your Sagittarius that you have a wonderland side to you. They like the wonder, they like the curious, they like to know. It's all about the knowledge and wanting to learn.

So, if you are looking to hook a Sagittarius or all you Sagittarians are looking to be in a relationship, you've got to take a look at my love tips! What other tips are out there? Give 'em up!

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