8 Misconceptions about Lesbian Relationships ...


8 Misconceptions about Lesbian Relationships ...
8 Misconceptions about Lesbian Relationships ...

Lesbian relationships are virtually no different than any other relationship in the world, but there are a lot of misconceptions about lesbian relationships. I'm here to clear up a lot of those misconceptions and to let you know that lesbian relationships are exactly the same as any other relationship out there!

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All Butch

One of the biggest misconceptions about lesbian relationships is that all lesbians are actually butch. It's not true at all! There are lipstick lesbians out there and even just plain old girls that like other girls. Not all lesbians are butch and need to have a mullet haircut.


No Dreams of Weddings

A lot of people actually think that lesbian relationships have no dreams of weddings, flowers or even a deep commitment and that's just not true! Girls in general constantly dream about their weddings and lesbians are no different at all. We all have dreams of wedding cakes and what type of dress we are going to wear.


There is Always a 'Man' and a 'Woman' in the Relationship

Lesbian relationships do not always consist of a man and a woman component. Actually, most of the time, the roles switch constantly between the two women, so there is no ‘assigned man’ or ‘assigned woman’ in the relationship. This is a huge misconception that a lot of people have.


Dating Someone of the Same Gender is Easy

A lot of people believe that when you are dating someone with the same gender, it’s really easy. In fact, it’s often more difficult because, while you understand each other’s wants and needs more, it can be difficult overall.


Lesbians Get Committed Really Fast

A lot of people believe that as soon as a lesbian gets into a relationship, they are completely and totally committed and want to spend the rest of their life with that person after knowing them a month. While in some cases, that can be true, some lesbians aren’t always looking for a commitment right away.


Lesbian Relationships Are Easier

This misconception about lesbian relationships actually goes hand-in-hand with #4. In some aspects, lesbian relationships are easier, as we understand what a woman wants and needs, but also, there are times when it can be extremely difficult too – such as PMS time. Remember, no relationship is really easy to be in, but it is worth it if you love the person.


There Are No Communication Problems

You’d think that just because you are with someone of the same gender and you understand one another, there are no communication problems right? Nope! That is absolutely not true. I’ve been in my relationship for 7 years now and we have our fair share of communication problems, but it’s always worth it to work it out!


There is No Dry Spell

Finally, the last misconception on lesbian relationships is that there is no dry spell when it comes to sex. That again, isn’t true. Lesbian relationships are just like any other relationship and we do have dry spells too!

There you have it ladies, all of the top misconceptions about lesbian relationships solved! So girls, do you have any other misconceptions that you’ve experienced in your relationship?

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I might be lesbian or not cause I'm just like 26 right now so I'm ok if I am.and one more thing when I was in college I kissed a girl but that was only once so that's why I think I might be lesbian but .

Idk I can but I try not

Idk if I am straight our by?? I love my bf but Idk like the other day I had filling for BFF and idk wht happen so cause of tht am I gay??

Idk if I'm gay, straight, or bi... I'm just a normal middle school girl that's had 5 boyfriends and no girlfriends. I have some pretty and popular friends that I hang out with a lot. When were just alone and talking, I really want to kiss them sometimes. I don't know how to explain this cuz I still like guys. None of my friends or I r ready to tell anyone yet. I really don't know what to do :'( I've talked about lesbians and if were okay with them and all with a few of them. We all said yes. But I still don't know how to tell people I might like girls and get intimate with them.

Thank you so much for this post, I'm with Cassie on this one. I'm a very girly girl and there is never anything about lesbians on girly sites/magazines because of stereotypes and it can get annoying to be stereotyped as "manly" when you're very girly but people tend to know the "manly" lesbians since they are the obvious ones. So thank you for giving us "girly lesbians" a nice surprise:)

I am have kissed a girl and i did it while i was dating a guy who i found attraction to but i broke up with him i was confused but thats ok ur not if u find attraction 2 both sex U R BI not confused! :)

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