15 Modern Day Love Songs That Will Melt Your Heart ...

There’s nothing like a good love song to pull on your heart strings, and as good as the old ones are, there are some modern day love songs that provide stiff competition. As much as the music has changed, the message is the same β€” love, being in love and letting the person you love know about it. If you are in the mood for feeling all gooey or have got someone special on your mind, then take a listen to these 7 modern days love songs and let the love flow!

1. The Lumineers - Ho Hey

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After Jeremiah Fraites' (drums) brother died in 2011 he and his friend Wesley Schultz (guitar/ lead vocals) found solace in music. The two boys eventually moved to Colorado from NYC and found their final band member Neyla Pekarek on Craigslist. 11 years on and Spotify has named The Lumineers' first single β€˜Ho Hey’ as the third most played song in the US. This is one of my favorite modern day love songs, and it proves that less is always more, with simple lyrics and a catchy rhythm. 'Ho Hey' steals your heart at first listen.

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