7 More Date Night Ideas for Married Couples ...

I recently wrote an article about date night ideas for married couples and upon seeing all of the fantastic comments it received, I decided to do another one! This article is a bit different, these date night ideas for married couples involve date-like activities you can do at home. I know that with a tight budget and/or kids, it’s often hard to get out of the house to go on a date, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the time you have together and make it as romantic and fun as possible!

1. Water Fight

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I know this sounds like one of the most ridiculous date night ideas for married couples, but don’t turn it down, it’s incredibly fun! My husband and I have a cat and we keep squirt bottles full of water around the house so that when she acts up, we can give her a spritz to calm her down. Quite frequently one of us will grab a water bottle and squirt the other one, leaving the victim running for a water weapon of their own! We chase each other all over the place, spraying each other until we’re drenched. Sure we get the place a little damp, but it’s just water, it’ll dry out. Trust me, a grown up water fight is incredibly fun!

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