10 Morning Routine Tips β˜€οΈ for Couples πŸ’ Who Want a Sexier 😘 🌢 πŸ”₯Start of the Day ...

There are tons of ways that you can wake up with your partner but – if you want to start sexy, you might not know how. Starting your day out sexy or even having sex takes some work. I know that when I get up, I'm tired still and maybe even a little cranky. So, put aside some of those feelings some times and see if you and your partner can wake up just a little sexier – I promise girls, it'll put you in a good mood!

1. Shower Together, Stay Together

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I have friends that do this every single morning and they love it. Sometimes, this is the best time of their day and they actually really love it. It is a time for them to connect, a time for them to really tell each other about their day and it's their moments that they will remember forever.

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