The Most πŸ’― Important πŸ’Ž Things Your Partner πŸ‘« Wants from You ☝️ ...

You're about to find out the most important things your partner wants from you.

As I’ve said before, I hate gender stereotyping but, once again, I’d be foolish to not acknowledge the trends respectively belonging to the men and women who come to my office.

Sidebar: What’s written here is not the truth for all couples and the preferences listed can easily be reversed in terms of gender.

Also, these preferences might apply to LGBTQ relationships in similar or different ways.

Researchers from East Carolina University have discovered that women are not choosing their men in terms of their ability to provide money or children. Instead, qualities such as consideration, dependability, and intelligence are current measuring sticks (O'reilly, Knox, & Zusman, 2009).

Spanish researchers, Monteoliva et al. (2012), have referenced the fact that men and women are socialized to perceive and behave differently in their relationships.

Here are the most important things your partner wants from you.

1. Please Express What You Are Feeling

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This is an age-old tale, is it not? How many women maintain that their men simply don’t express their emotions? Gents, your emotions won’t kill you so set them free. You might enjoy knowing that expressing your emotions does not mean β€œlosing your sh&*t” and balling in front of the entire free world. Instead, you can express your emotions by simply using words. For example, sentences like β€œI’m a little frustrated right know,” or β€œI’m angry, I need a sec” will do the trick. Telling each other what you're feeling is one of the most important things your partner wants from you.

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