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I don’t know a woman who doesn’t wish they could get inside a man’s brain to figure out the things that men are attracted to in a woman. There are some pretty standard items we all know men find attractive, like our physical appearance, our voices and accents, our character traits (including our morals and values). I am however thinking of those qualities that are a little bit more surprising, and qualities that us females wouldn’t necessarily think men find attractive. Below is my list of surprising things that men are attracted to.

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Competitive Streak

One of the most surprising things that men are attracted to in women is our competitive streak. The majority of men are competitive, whether it’s with themselves, their siblings, friends, or work colleagues; it’s a simple fact that men’s brains are wired to compete. As a result, men typically want to be able to compete with their partner in some fashion. Even if it’s in a lighthearted way, men enjoy it when women can meet them halfway, play into their competitive side and somehow egg them on.



I know I’m attracted to a man’s laugh and their sense of humor, so I think that the reverse is also true. Men are generally attracted to a woman’s laugh. It is something unique and individual about her. If a woman has an obnoxious, witch-like laugh, or they snort when they laugh, men will generally run in the opposite direction!


Good Teeth

If you have a great smile, it doesn’t just end there. Men are usually attracted to the balance of the mouth in proportion to the width of the face, as well as how your teeth are aligned in it. Not saying you have to get yourself kitted out with braces tomorrow, but I do know that men are attracted to women with straight teeth. Some men even like the gap in the two front teeth (I call it the ‘Madonna’ gap). Either way, men like women that have good oral hygiene and they do pay attention to our pearly whites.


Strange Habits

Another surprising quality that men like is our weirdness! I know it probably sounds strange, but men do like some of our quirky traits and the things that we generally don’t consider that likeable about ourselves. I’m speaking about our weird mannerisms, strange habits and bizarre hobbies. Perhaps we use a lot of hand gestures when we talk, we recite poetry in Cantonese, or collect vintage jewelry pieces from every art gallery we visit; whatever it is, men actually like us more for it!



I know that I can count a few moles on my skin, and everyone has one mole strategically placed somewhere on their body. Maybe you have one on your neck or your lower back? While I have heard that moles can be a deal breaker for some men, I actually think you’ll be surprised to learn that the opposite is true, and that men are indeed attracted to our moles and unusual placement of them.



Women have been known to stumble, appear graceless, and incompetent at times. Surprisingly, I think that men are attracted to this quality. Sometimes, women knock things over, spill things, and it’s just a part of who we are. If we are doing it as an attention-seeking thing, then it’s likely a turn off, but for the most part, men are attracted to this innocent quality, when we are just being ourselves and things happen accidentally.


Agreeableness and Ability to Empathize

Typically, women rate higher than men on personality scales when it comes to our ability to agree, compromise and our empathy. Historically, women’s ability to create and maintain social alliances was probably more important for women than men. Translating this aspect into the modern day, men still find women that are agreeable and highly empathic, a little bit more appealing than women who don’t exhibit these traits.

These are some endearing qualities and traits, which surprisingly our male counterparts are attracted to. Not all men are attracted to everything on this list, however, as there isn’t a ‘one size fits all,’ and it does depend on the guy. What other surprising traits do you feel should make this list?

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