2. Men Don’t Feel the Cold

“His body temperature is much higher than mine which results in him not feeling the chills as often or as bad as I do.”

I came across this one flipping through a Greek issue of Glamour Magazine and couldn’t help but laugh despite the fact that I am guilty as charged as well!

Team of writers behind that list of popular man myths is 100% sure this myth is not true as the only even remotely humanoid (not to mention completely fictional) creature possessing higher body temperature than an average human happens to be a werewolf! So, in case howling at the moon isn’t your date’s, boyfriend’s or hubby’s favorite pastime activity, you can rest assured the only reason he’s giving you his jacket is the fact that he knows that is a gentlemanly thing to do and is willing to suck it up for the sake of his lady’s comfort.

Men Don’t Cry


Haley Elkins
Just mentioned the post on Twitter
Heather Jensen
Ha! It so does! :)
Marissa Smith
Then explain why a lot of men wear shorts outside in the winter when it is below zero outside.
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