4. Men Never Ask for Directions

“A man will never willingly admit the fact that he is geographically challenged or stop to ask for directions so sit tight, make sure you always have a fresh book on your Kindle and an extra snack in your purse!”

Implying that men either never get lost or always succeed to do great things in those rare occasions when they are inexplicably led off course (think: Columbus) is downright ridiculous!

Even Frodo had to team up with Gollum in order to get to Mount Doom and I’m pretty sure Robert Baratheon wouldn’t have arrived on time to defeat Rhaegar on Trident had he been left to locate it on his own with nothing but his war hammer and his navigation skills to rely on. All in favor say “I”! Let’s save Adam and Jamie some time and just call this myth about men totally busted! Not wanting to admit you need help is a character flaw that has nothing to do with gender so pay close attention from now on and you’ll see both women and men are prone to acting this way.

Men Care about Sex Only


Haley Elkins
Just mentioned the post on Twitter
Heather Jensen
Ha! It so does! :)
Marissa Smith
Then explain why a lot of men wear shorts outside in the winter when it is below zero outside.
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