Nerdy Girls Unite πŸ€“! All the Reasons πŸ’― Why the Smarter You Are, the Sexier 😘 You Are ...

Takeaway: Can I be smart AND sexy?

There are plenty of guys (and gals) who believe the smarter you are, the sexier are. Smart is sexxxy! Yes physical attraction is important but it isn't the whole story. After the initial attraction, there needs to be something to keep the interest going. When you're smart there's plenty in your favor in the relationship stakes. knows intelligence is attractive and here are the reasons why they believe, and you should believe, that smart equals sexy.

1. We’re Always up for a Challenge

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As intelligent women, we aren’t just going to nod our heads and agree with everything those around us say for the sake of not rocking the boat. We have substance, soul, and strong opinions of your own. If we disagree with something, we’ll definitely speak your mind and we’re always able to back ourselves up.

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