5. So Which One of You is Butch?

So Which One of You is Butch?

How about, both of us are equally butch. And manly. And we don't fight over who is taking out the trash.

Who's in Charge, the Top or the Bottom?


People will be people. I agree with Peony. It's no different to asking heteros stupid questions. Singling out same sex makes it appear they are the only ones to have to deal with such crap. Not true!
peony blue
I have never asked anyone such a stupid question but then it is just as bad as asking a heterosexual couple when they are going to have children its like leave people alone to live their lives ...
Oh god those questions made me cringe
Assuming people who live together are a couple just because theirs 2 of them. They could be friends who just want to save money by living together instead of alone.
When people ask me things like this I counter with asking about their sex lives. Usually starting with "so we've both established you think I'm not an equal human" to make them more uncomfortable. And...
Veronica Knowles
All of these questions make sense to ask!!!!
I don't think I've ever heard the stereotype "gays and lesbians cheat more", but I like this article, it's a good read
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