3. How Long They've Been Together

How Long They've Been Together

If you've never had a boyfriend for longer than a month, don't be jealous of your friend and her husband. Short relationships can be even more fun and meaningful than long relationships. You can't judge a couple's happiness based on their time together, because some people refuse to move on when they should've left years ago.

How Often They Go on Dates


Love is love whatever the gender/sexual orientation.
I nearly cried when I saw the gif of Scott and Allison for #4. I miss her so much. πŸ˜”
@Channce PREACH! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
@Liz Every word in that sentence is a big yikes... Ignorance at its finest.
I am asexual but I absolutely love that queer people have some representation!!! More please!!! πŸ’›
How is it any different for gay couples to be forced to watch straight couples kiss? Oh that's right there is no difference. You just refuse to accept others for some made up immature reason. I love s...
Live and let live !!! Who are you to judge?????
Sorry about the typos. Stupid phone.
Gay garbage? @Liz you're absolutely free to go if you don't like it. Sick to death o close minde people like you.
Oh no, somebody other than a male and female kissing. The horror! How bad! How dare people not do what you want in life. @Liz, I'll call you tomorrow asking you what I should wear and what to eat!
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