Never do These Dangerous Things before Sex ...


Never do These Dangerous Things before Sex ...
Never do These Dangerous Things before Sex ...

If you want to have a banging time in the bedroom, there are a few things you should avoid doing beforehand. That way, you'll have the best experience possible. According to Women' Health Mag, you shouldn't do the following things before sex:

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Take an Antihistamine

Take an Antihistamine This can dry you out below the belt. That means that sex could end up feeling uncomfortable for you, and that's the last thing you want.


Antihistamines are notorious for their drying effect on the body. While they provide relief from allergy symptoms, they also affect your natural lubrication—a critical factor for pleasurable intercourse. If you've popped one of these pills, consider using a high-quality personal lubricant during your intimate moments to offset the dryness. Remember, comfort is key for a satisfying experience, so don't overlook the impact of your allergy meds. Always keep the lines of communication open with your partner to ensure both of you can enjoy the moment fully.


Eat Spicy Foods

Eat Spicy Foods This can change the way that your vagina tastes and smells. Not to mention the fact that it can cause you to bloat and pass gas.


Incorporating a diet rich in spicy foods can have surprising effects on your body's natural aroma and flavor, adding a new level of complexity in intimate situations. It's not just about the potential digestive discomfort; the compounds responsible for the heat in chili peppers, like capsaicin, can lead to secretions that could influence your scent and taste below the belt. It's wise to be mindful of your meals if you're planning a special night. Opt for milder flavors to ensure nothing gets in the way of passion and comfort during those intimate moments.


Drink Too Much

Drink Too Much Drinking a little bit can help you let loose, but if you drink too much, your senses will become dull. That means you won't feel every kiss and touch as intensely as you usually do, and can have a hard time getting in the mood.


Furthermore, excessive alcohol consumption can lead to poor decision-making. This not only puts you at risk of forgetting important safe sex practices but may also lead to encounters you might regret later. Additionally, alcohol is a depressant, which can dampen your sexual performance and even make it difficult to achieve an orgasm. So, while a glass of wine might relax you, moderation is key to keeping the experience both safe and pleasurable. Remember, consent is paramount and it's vital to stay fully aware and present during intimate moments.


Use an Electric Toothbrush

Use an Electric Toothbrush "It sounds weird, but using an electric toothbrush and alcohol-based mouthwashes might make you more prone to STDs." This happens, because it temporarily dries out your body and makes it easier for you to develop sores.



Shave You should shave the night before sex. If you do it right before sex, then your skin will feel irritated. That means that you won't have the best time in the bedroom.


Use Food as Foreplay

Use Food as Foreplay You don't want sugar to get anywhere near your genitals. If it does, you could end up with a yeast infection. That's why it's actually a bad idea to put whipped cream all over your body.


Just because something sounds sensual, doesn't mean it's smart. Ever heard of chocolate syrup drizzles? It's the same no-no as whipped cream. Sticky, sweet products can lead to irritation and infections, and that's not sexy. Instead, keep the food play above the waist and non-sugary to avoid any unwanted trips to the doctor. Try teasing with strawberries or savoring a sip of wine from your partner's lips. Remember, safety can be just as tantalizing as seduction. Keep the sweet stuff for aftercare snacks, not as part of the main event.


Do It Stressed out

black and white, black, person, human positions, monochrome photography, Don't try to hit the sack with your partner if one or both of you is mad or stressed. Too much stress kills the libido as well as can cause performance anxiety, dryness below the belt for ladies, or erectile dysfunction for men.


Down Any Energy Drinks

black, black and white, photography, darkness, monochrome photography, Sure, the idea of hopping yourself up on an energy drink sounds good-in theory-but then you realize you're going to crash and possibly fall asleep on your partner. So it's safer to just avoid the sugary drink all together and save your energy on your own. :)



black, black and white, monochrome photography, darkness, photography, Ever felt so full you could sleep for a week? Yes, food coma is real people and overstuffing yourself before sex could lead to fatigue during the act, or worse, you could wind up getting sick. :(


Avoid UsIng the Bathroom

human action, black, black and white, person, monochrome photography, It may sound nice to lay in bed and snuggle after the deed is done, but if you gotta go you gotta go! Sex already pushes bacteria back up the urethra so it's better to skip the cuddles (or at least postpone them) and use the Lou before you wind up with a UTI or other type of infection.

What other things do you avoid doing before sex?

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Thanks for sharing ! It makes sense .✔

Learning so much😉😄

don't shave, when you crave!!!

Rules are made to be broken! Get a Brazilian, order Indian and grab the whip cream and chocolate and have a really, really good time!!

I'm sure i read this on cosm or women health. lol

@desilicious you go girl! There needs to be more people like you! 😇😊

@alka and @Melissa glad we can all agree! I think we also are probably the most fun! :)

@ desilicious, I couldn't agree more! Coconut ice cream! Yummy!

People, an electric toothbrush will not give you a dry mouth. The SLS in toothpaste may slightly dry put your mouth because it binds with salvia to make the toothpaste frothy, but an electric toothbrush itself will not cause a dry mouth??? That's a bit silly now

These are all pretty much common sense. Lol. 😜

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