Never Fight Again! What Men and Women Commonly Miscommunicate over ...


Miscommunication isn’t an uncommon event between men and women in a relationship. Generally the intentions of both are good but there’re so many differences in how men and women think that it isn’t unusual for one to misunderstand the other. There’re some things that’re more commonly miscommunicated over than others. Let’s talk about them.

1. Problems in Your Life

Miscommunication can happen frequently in this area. You want to talk to him about some problems you’re having. It could be problems at school, work or with a friend or family member. What you really want is for him to listen and be supportive. What’s likely to happen is that he’ll go into problem solving mode and you’ll become frustrated. Discussing your problems will go much easier if you explain you just want him to listen instead of offering suggestions on how to fix the situation.

When You Want Something Done


So true!
I can see in previous relationship that this was the case and would of been helpful. However my current relationship have such issues.
this girl
Very true
Sometimes I look at a mans wife and I think, just the way she looks says a lot about him. Andi what does it say about you if you call your husband a idiot?
This does not apply to my relationship lol fun read though.
As a guy, this is extremely accurate and helpful!
My husband and I only argue when he's an idiot! Lol
Sweet Diamond
This is so accurate and true. I love it!
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