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Never Get a Bad Gift from Your Boyfriend Again Here's How ...

By Alicia

Isn’t it frustrating to look forward to receiving something really great from your boyfriend only to open it and be disappointed? That doesn’t have to happen to you again. Don’t simply hope your boyfriend gets you something you love; make sure of it! With these tips, you never have to get a bad gift from your boyfriend again.

1 Answer when He Asks the Magic Question

Chances are pretty high your boyfriend is going to want to know what you want when a holiday is coming up. This’s your chance, ladies! Be ready with an answer! I’ve found that directness is actually preferred by most men so tell him what you want. True, it’s not as romantic as him coming up with a great gift on his own but it’s a sure way to make sure you get something you love.

2 Make Him a List

Some guys like for their girlfriends to make them a wish list. Of course, you don’t want to just walk up and hand him a list he didn’t ask for. But if he asks you to write down what you would like, do so! My husband prefers me to write down some things I’d like when a holiday is approaching. This makes it easier on him and I get something I enjoy. It’s a win-win!


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3 Go to the Mall Together

A subtle way to let your boyfriend in on things you’d like to have as a gift is to go to the mall together. You can take a leisurely stroll and admire things you like. Let him do the math from there. It’s even okay to tell him you’d love to have the item you’re admiring. This’s helpful to a guy that doesn’t know what to get his girl.

4 Drop Hints

There’s always this strategy. Dropping hints is another way to get the message across about what you’d like to receive as a gift. However, be forewarned. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. It all depends on the guy. If this strategy doesn’t work then move on to another one.

5 Let Him Know What Impresses You

If your guy does happen to get you an amazing gift, let him know! Brag on his gift choice and tell him how much you love it. If he thinks his gift was impressive then he’ll take note. He’ll try to get you something similar again. It’s also okay to remind him of gifts you’ve loved in the past to give him some guidance in the future.

6 Tell Him Your Favorite Stores

If you’ve been together any length of time then your boyfriend probably knows your favorite stores. If he doesn’t, or if your relationship is still in the early stages, then share this information. Letting him in on your favorite stores makes sure you’ll get a gift from the right place. Even if he chooses a gift you don’t like from a store you love, it’ll be much easier to exchange it if you’re a frequent shopper. The store employees know you and will be happy to accommodate you.

7 Return It

If your boyfriend has an epic fail in gift giving, you can always choose to return the gift. Of course you don’t want to hurt his feelings but neither do you want to keep a gift that’s of no use to you. Let him know that it’s not right for you in the kindest way possible. Most likely, he’ll understand. Better still, he’ll take note of the gifts you don’t love and not buy the same thing again.

These tips can help you make sure you never get a bad gift from your boyfriend again. What’s the best gift your boyfriend ever got you? Do you use any of these tips to make sure your gifts are great?

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