2. Your Sexual History

Your Sexual History

Thisโ€™s something youโ€™ll probably want to share at some point. But itโ€™s not a topic for first date conversation. Wait until the subject comes up between you. At that point, itโ€™s natural to share about your sexual history. Youโ€™re more open-minded after youโ€™ve gotten to know one another which can be helpful when discussing topics like this one.

Your Bad Habits


Haha that was useful and I just figured out I was so bad at my first dates ๐Ÿ˜…
Just had*
Ju shad my second date ever yesterday, and I'm so glad I didn't screw it up with any of these.
Cats! Politics I disagree with, I could not date or have a relationship with someone who wasn't of the same political mindset as I am. It is a matter of character. If on the other side of the isle I would kick him to the curb.
Thank you !
I agree!
Common sense but I think some people still need to hear it unfortunately lol great article!!
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