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10 New Healthy Dating Habits to Adopt This Year ...

By Sici

Want some new healthy dating habits for the new year?
Every time the start of a new year comes around, all you tend to hear about, both on the television and across your various social media platforms, is the age old saying “new year, new me”. Historically, this has usually been about things like starting a new healthy diet, committing to an exercise regime, or even something like giving up alcohol or cigarettes. However, something that doesn’t always get mentioned, but something that I believe is just as important, is embracing your dating life as part of the new year, new me craze. If you have made some romantic mistakes in the past twelve months and are looking for a fresh start, then here are ten new healthy dating habits for the new year.

1 No More Game Playing

Quitting with the game playing is one of the best new healthy dating habits for the new year. It might work in the romantic comedies that we all love to watch, but the truth of the matter is that playing games in dating often does more bad than good! The best way to show someone that you are interested is to act like you are! Life is too short to play hard to get or formulate a grand plan. Just get on with it!

2 Don’t Be Superficially ‘Chill’

If you are the kind of person who takes a relationship really seriously from its early stages, you need to make sure that you are open about it, so that your partner knows the ground rules.


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3 Be Honest and Open

Don’t leave any important aspects of yourself out of the equation in the early days, because your new partner deserves to know everything about you.

4 Break the Comfort Zone

If you keep following the same paths over and over again just with different individuals, then you might want to start exploring options outside of your normal comfort zone. Date some people you usually wouldn’t consider. You might be pleasantly surprised!

5 Say Yes More

Don’t shut yourself away for fear of being embarrassed or upset, just get straight into the dating game and explore new possibilities by trying to say yes a lot more than no.

6 Don’t Waste Time

We’ve all done it, spent longer in a dying relationship or on a lost cause then we should have done. 2018 is your year for not wasting time in your love life. You only deserve the best!

7 Try Online Dating

If you have avoided it up to now, it might be time to have a crack at online dating. There are sites and apps for all different types of personalities, whether you are looking for something fast and fun or more serious and long-term.

8 Don’t Ignore Red Flags

We all have our own red flags and turn-offs, and this year it is your job to make sure that you don’t ignore these red flags when they appear. Trust your gut!

9 Don’t Be a Hero

It is not your job to try to save every guy that you end up going on a date with. Don’t let somebody who is in a bad place drag you down with him, especially if you don’t feel a connection to him.

10 Don’t Settle

No matter how tempting it might be, do not settle for anything less than what you truly deserve. Don’t take the easy option because it is right there in front of you. Keep going until you finally get together with someone who is worthy of you!

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