7 New Rules of Dating You Need to Follow ...


Let me fill you in on a little something girls; we donโ€™t need to be an expert on dating rules to be great at dating! I made the mistake for years of just thinking that I was bad at dating rules. It was hard for me to follow the โ€œdonโ€™t call a guyโ€ rule, though now, I sort of wished I had. I also thought I was bad at dating since I never really had a lot of dates. Finally, I realized that I wasnโ€™t bad at dating; I was bad at following certain dating rules. You donโ€™t need to be an expert on dating to be good at it, especially if you follow some of the most important dating rules today. I actually hate the word โ€œrulesโ€ in the world of dating, so if you prefer, just refer to these as guidelines like I do! After all, dating should be fun, and a way to meet a fabulous potential mate. Just keep these 7 things in mind and youโ€™ll be set to go!

1. Any Topics Are Game

We are often told one of the top dating rules is not to discuss controversial topics like religion, politics, children etc. However, now, those rules are out the window. If you canโ€™t talk to a potential mate about things that are important to you, then the date will feel more like a professional interview than a personal get together. Forget about avoiding topics. If youโ€™re a hard core Republican and say you would never marry a Democrat, itโ€™s better to speak up now about it than two months later when election season kicks in!

Forget about Waiting on Him to Call You


This list would have been very useful to me about 30 years ago...
@Julia yes unless he asked you out then should pay.
No I don't think so.He might be the type that hates wasting food and things like my boyfriend.
Is it wrong to take home leftovers after dinner with a guy? I've heard so much about this topic.... But what's your opinion
These are not all that
Kaitlyn Sutherland
One of my main rules is "don't date someone you wouldn't marry." It's my biggest standard. It narrows down people that are potentially boyfriend material, but it also narrows down amount of heartbreak. If you aren't going to marry him, why waste your time, right?
I love this. So true!
One of these should be, don't expect him to pay on the first date. I hate that rule. It's so old fashion.
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