2. Russian Roulette

For this next drinking game, you’re going to need to gather all of your shot glasses or borrow some from a friend. Russian roulette is perfect to play if you have some friends over but it can be done with two people as well.

Place all of your shot glasses on a table and fill all but one with water. You’re going to fill the last one up with vodka and the other person will shuffle the glasses around. Next, everyone takes a shot and the person who drinks the vodka has to perform a dare. As the game goes on, increase the number of glasses filled with vodka!

Dare Beer Pong


Looks fun I can't wait to try it hopefully I play it right
Heather Jensen
Aww! Thank you Pashanderson! :) We try to keep it neutral!
i love that instead of using hetero-normative pronouns and references, you used neutral ones :) made my day
Nitza Matus
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