No Love Lost - What You'll Miss about Your Ex, Even Though He's Wrong for You ...


It takes time to get over splitting with your ex, even if he's the wrong guy for you. Eventually you'll look back and wonder what you ever saw in him, or realise that you no longer have any feelings for him. But for some time afterwards you'll miss him and certain things about him. This is what you'll miss about your ex โ€ฆ

1. His Nickname for You

Picking a nickname for your partner is one of those cute things that couples do, and your ex's name for you probably won't be used by anyone else. So you'll really miss hearing him saying it. It may be a little thing, but it's something you've got used to. But you'll have to let go of it; your next boyfriend will think up another fun little name for you.

Places You Went Together


Alex Fleming
I don't miss my exes one bit. They did nothing for me after I did loads for them. They were so ungrateful for everything that I did, to this day I wonder why I went out with them in the first place. O...
jane G
i was quite hesitant to read this article because I dont want to go back and remember everything since Im already past that. I agree with Bindi, this article is not meant for those who are still mending a broken heart.
Gaby Walton
This is so true! I was just talking about my ex today, and I always think...๐Ÿ’ญ I still love my ex but my boyfriend currently has made me a better person. Even though I miss things about my ex I don't miss him.
Ana Sanchez
Ana Sanchez
@Adea R. Ademi ๐Ÿ”™ she has a reason the kast two just made me hurt more and burst into tears.. ๐Ÿ˜– Horrible article!
Jade Janeja
6 of those I share :[ and I broke up with my ex a year ago...
Adea R. Ademi
this is not a good makes grief worse! really I think people shouldnt remind you of such stuff or tell you what you will miss and remind you how terrible you will feel..people should be mor...
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