17 All Too Real ✌🏼 Truths about Breaking up πŸ’” No One Ever Talks about πŸ™Š ...


Breakups are tough. Everyone tells you that there are other fish in the sea, you're better off, and you should just get over it, but it's not that easy. Every breakup is different, every reason is different, but there are lots of similarities, too. The pain, the regret, the hope – those are usually the same. It's just that nobody ever tells you the full truth about breakups.

1. Typically, the Love Doesn't Just Disappear

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You can't just turn it on and off like a light switch, even if your ex was horrible and your breakup was messy.

And It's Possible to Love Someone and Hate Them at the Same Time


For what he did to me
Yes I’ve left my husband so I’ve been there but didn’t feel so guilty I was relieved to get away and stop the bad fights and start a new life without him it gets better when the divorce is over...
Cathi Lynn
Is anyone else there
Cathi Lynn
Although he is very abusive I still feel guilty
Cathi Lynn
I am initiating a divorce from my hubby and the guilt that I feel isn’t bearable
I broke up with my boyfriend earlier because I still think about my ex and I'm so confused because I don't know which of them I love...
Tara Elizabeth Nixon
After a couple On and off months he's now officially ended things with me and I still want him in my life and we're "trying to be friends" but I still love him and it makes it hard πŸ˜ͺ
Tara Elizabeth Nixon
#6 tho omg what do I do
Lana Zastoupil
I just may love mine he says we need a break 😩
Meditate! Love him but don't let his words get to you and destroy your inner peace!
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