Not Every Boy Does These 17 Childish Things ...


If you're single, it's probably because the majority of boys out there are childish. Of course, you shouldn't settle for someone immature. You'll find an actual adult eventually. Thankfully, not every boy does these childish things:

1. Ignores You

Ignores You

He shouldn't text you one day and ignore you the next day. It'll only confuse you, and you don't have time for deciphering his mixed signals.

Asks for Nudes


Umm I still laugh at farts. I must be very immature lol
Me and my bf laugh at stupid childish things all the time (like Farts) it's just a matter if you share those childish traits. If you don't, then you probably won't think it's that funny
Doesn't laugh at bodily functions?! I have finally found the most charming, sweet and kind man! He is adorably cute and has made me believe in love...and he has hilarious farts! And we laugh! It doesn't mean he is immature lol
My bf only does 2 of those , lucky me haha
Mitch Lacey
Wow! What a list!
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