Not Every Boy Does These 17 Childish Things ...


Not Every Boy Does These 17 Childish Things ...
Not Every Boy Does These 17 Childish Things ...

If you're single, it's probably because the majority of boys out there are childish. Of course, you shouldn't settle for someone immature. You'll find an actual adult eventually. Thankfully, not every boy does these childish things:

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Ignores You

Ignores You He shouldn't text you one day and ignore you the next day. It'll only confuse you, and you don't have time for deciphering his mixed signals.


Asks for Nudes

Asks for Nudes Asking for nudes isn't a compliment. Telling you you're beautiful is a compliment. Instead of asking for your naked pictures, he should just be happy he's getting to talk to someone so wonderful.


Brags about Sex

Brags about Sex Not every sexually active guy tells his buddies about what went down beneath the sheets. Some men actually like to keep their private life private.


Refuses to Commit

Refuses to Commit There are plenty of men out there that actually want to be in a serious relationship. That's why you shouldn't waste your time with the boys that only want to use you for sex.


Laughs at Bodily Functions

Laughs at Bodily Functions When you're older, farting shouldn't be all that funny. Don't worry, because there are boys out there that have a more mature sense of humor.


Expects His Mother to do Everything for Him

Expects His Mother to do Everything for Him He shouldn't rely on his mother to do his laundry and make every meal. He should learn how to take care of himself, because once he moves out, his girlfriend isn't going to do everything his mother used to do.


Complains about Everything

Complains about Everything Some men complain about every little thing. However, there are others that are thankful for what they do have, which is why they're always optimistic.


Purposely Makes You Jealous

Purposely Makes You Jealous You shouldn't date someone who tries to make you jealous by flirting with other girls. You should date a guy who would never dream of hurting you.


Ghosts on You

Ghosts on You Ghosting is when a guy drops out of your life without telling you why. A good man would never do that, so if it happens to you, he wasn't worth your time anyway.


Refuses to Text You First
Some men are afraid to text first, because they think it shows weakness. However, you should date a guy who won't mind initiating the conversation or even double texting you.


Refuses to Get a Job

Refuses to Get a Job He needs to get a job, eventually. If he doesn't have any desire to work, then he's no good for you.


Parties Too Hard

Parties Too Hard There's nothing wrong with a man who likes to have fun. However, if he chooses parties over date nights, then you don't need him.


Gets Too Competitive

Gets Too Competitive You don't want to date someone who is overly competitive when it comes to sports, board games, and sex. Find someone who doesn't feel the need to compare themselves to others.


Thinks Girls Are Inferior

Thinks Girls Are Inferior He shouldn't think that men are superior to women. He should treat you like an equal.


Gawks at Pretty Girls

Gawks at Pretty Girls He doesn't have to stare at all the pretty women that pass by. The right guy for you would rather look into your eyes than at their breasts.


Sleeps around
Some men are happy sleeping with one woman and one woman only. If he's a player and ends up cheating on you, then tell him to hit the road.



Lies There are a lot of liars in the world, but there are some genuinely good guys out there. Wait until you find one to start dating.

Not all boys act like children, so you should hold out for a man who actually acts like an adult. What's the most annoying, immature thing that a guy has ever done to you?

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This list perfectly describes my ex

My bf only does 2 of those , lucky me haha

Doesn't laugh at bodily functions?! I have finally found the most charming, sweet and kind man! He is adorably cute and has made me believe in love...and he has hilarious farts! And we laugh! It doesn't mean he is immature lol

the person who is with me is the total opposite of these, #lucky

My fiancé does every single one of these. 😖

Umm I still laugh at farts. I must be very immature lol

Me and my bf laugh at stupid childish things all the time (like Farts) it's just a matter if you share those childish traits. If you don't, then you probably won't think it's that funny

Wow! What a list!

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